Care For People

Care for People is a registry of highly-qualified caregivers who provide assistance with everyday living needs including cooking, light housekeeping, laundry and companionship. Care for People goes through great lengths to match clients with qualified caregivers suited to their needs. Services include hourly care, as well as 24-hour, live-in and overnight care. Caregivers and clients negotiate an affordable hourly or daily rate, to meet the specific needs of both. When applicable, Care for People, also works with third party payer programs in which an outside party, such as an insurance company or a state waiver program, pays on behalf of the client. Contact a county manager to find affordable, in-home care in your area. Learn more about Care for People through the following FAQ:

Q: What is Care For People?

A: Care For People is a registry, not an employer.  We provide contract caregivers to our clients.  Our caregivers pay their own insurance and taxes.

Q: What rate do caregivers charge for their time?

A: The rate charged by the caregiver is negotiated by the client and the caregiver.  It is up to the client, what rate they are willing to pay.

Q: How does using Care For People save me money?

A: By using Care for People, the client does not pay caregiver's taxes or insurance. The caregiver only works the hours the client needs assistance.

Q: How does Care For People earn their fee?

A: Care For People's fee is paid by the client and is based on a small percentage of the total fee charged by the caregiver.   Our fee ensures continuous coverage and satisfactory care.

Q: How do I know the caregiver provided by Care For People is reliable?

A:  We require that each caregiver provide our office with a current police report, child abuse clearance and references confirming they are of good character and have a good work ethic.

Q: Do I get to meet the caregiver before I hire them?

A: Absolutely.  We encourage the client to meet and talk prior to hiring them to make sure they are the perfect person for your needs.  Whether it's for a parent, spouse or another individual, it is our goal to make sure each caregiver is a perfect fit.

Q. If I don't like a caregiver, can I get another one?

A. Yes. We want to ensure that all of consumer’s needs are being met. If you are unhappy with your caregiver, your county manager will work to find a replacement more suitable to your needs.