All caregivers are independent contractors. As such, they are not employees of Care For People. We do not set the caregivers fees or dictate scheduling and duties for their job. All work-related issues are negotiable between the consumer and the caregiver. The cost of living in your geographic area will determine caregiver’s fees and their availability. Please consult you local Care For People Director for fees and salaries in your local area.

If you are an honest, reliable and caring individual  and enjoy working with older adults, please join our team.  Help us continue Care For People’s history of providing quality Companion Care to improve quality of life at homes.

Please complete  your printed copy and submit to the address  below.

Please download, print and complete the PDF application (Independent Contractor Application) 

Mail Completed Application to 121 N. Allegheny St., Bellefonte, PA 16823 or Fax to: 888.416.6746.




email address

related experience

Please note any applicable experience, including previous work with the elderly, children or individuals with disabilities.

personal references

Please provide the Names and Telephone numbers of three (3) people who know you personally and can vouch for your character.

professional references

Please provide the Names and Telephone numbers of two (2) people who can speak to your work ethic, abilities and character.