Care for People is a registry of highly-qualified caregivers who provide assistance with everyday living needs including cooking, light housekeeping, laundry and companionship. Care for People goes to great lengths to match clients with qualified caregivers suited to their needs. Services include hourly care, as well as 24-hour, live-in and overnight care. Caregivers and clients negotiate an affordable hourly or daily rate, to meet the specific needs of both. When applicable, Care for People, also works with third party payer programs in which an outside party, such as an insurance company or a state waiver program, pays on behalf of the client. Contact your local county manager to find affordable, in-home care in your area. Learn more about Care for People through the following FAQ:

Q: What is Care For People?

A: Care For People is the oldest Home Care agency in Centre County Pennsylvania. For 29 years we have emphasized non-medical  companion care to older adults in their own home.

Q: What Type of Care does Care For People Provide?

A: Care For People provides hourly, overnight, respite and 24/7 round the clock companion care. Our care is dependent  upon individual consumer needs

Q: Will Care For People  complete an Evaluation of my home and resources to help us determine the type of care we need?

A:   Yes.  We will assess your level of care requirements and develop and appropriate care plan for you.  Referrals will be made if Nursing care is needed.

Q: Can my caregiver give me my medicine?

A: No. Our caregivers can supervise an individual in taking their medicine.  The PA Nursing Act prohibits the provision  medicine distribution and other medical care.  Your Caregiver will expain the PA Nursing Act restrictions.

Q: Why should I choose Care For People?

A: We have provided reliable,caring and honest companions to older adults in their homes.  Since 1989 we have helped many people .non-medical care to remain in their own homes  when only  is need companion, 

Q: How does Care For People differ from other agencies?

A: Care For People differs from other Home Care agencies because it only provides only  Non-Medical Care.  Unlike other In-Home agencie in the County, we provide round the clock care on a Daily Flat Rate basis.  Other agencies providing In-Home care charge an Hourly Rate. As a result, our  Flat Rate service is less expensive and is truly a viable alternative to LTC facilitiy care. Our Daily Flat Rate helps consumers save consumers and allow  older adults to remain at home.  

Another difference is that Care For People's minimum number of hours is arranged between the Consumer and the Caregiver, Care can be received for the agreed upon number of hours. Care For People also differs since it is a referral Registry. Care For People does not employ the caregivers.

Q: When and where was the agency begun?

A: Care for People was started in Lancaster, PA in 1989 by Co-Owners JoAnn and Richard Knupp. They saw a need in Centre County for home based non-medical care.

Q.  Is there a minimum number of hours of care  that can be can be provided?

A.  Hours worked are determined by the Caregiver and the Consumer.  Therefore, there is no minimum if the Caregiver is willing and able to work the requested shift.

Q. Who pays the caregiver and what is their fee?

A. The consumer receiving care pays the caregiver. The rate charged by the caregiver is negotiated with the consumer and does not include the caregiver pays their taxes or insurance. Long Term Care Insurances can be used.

Q. What Clearances are required to become a Caregiver for Care For People ?

A. Each applicant for one of our caregiver jobs is carefully screened and must pass the following clearances: a personal interview, a general knowledge test of 16 subjects on older adult caregiving required by the PA Department of Health, State Police background check, FBI Report Cogent Systems/ Dept. of Public Welfare, a Two-step TB Test or Chest X-Ray.

Q. Why is the Agency needed?

A. When only non-medical care is needed Care For People can provide a cost saving alternative to nursing home care. Our 24/7 Companion Care is provided  at a Flat Daily Rate of $175 per day. Care For People  provides back-up care if a caregiver doesn’t show up to see a consumer. Also, we are only agency in the county who doesn’t have a minimum number of hours of work required.

Q. Do I get to meet the caregiver?

A. Because Care For People strives to match our caregivers with each somsume, we the  caregiver must meet with the consumer before a care delivery schedule is begun.  This requirement helps to make sure that there is a “fit” between the caregiver and the consumer. When necessary,Care For People will locate an alternate caregiver.

Q. How does Care For People monitor their caregiving staff?

A. Care For People staff administers a Competency Test which covers 16 State-required subjects on caregiving before anyone can begin work. It is also a requirement that this Competency Test be administered every year.

Q. Can we get a different caregiver if we don’t get along well?

A. Certainly. Care For People’s aim is to make certain you needs are being met.  If after your initial meeting with the caregiver you think there is a mismatch, Care For People will assign a different person to care for you. It is our goal to make certain there is a perfect fit between the consumer and the caregiver.

Q. Where is Care For People located?

A. Care For People is located at 121 N. Allegheny Street, Bellefonte, PA 16823.  People interested in our care can come into the office or call us at 814.353.3432 or 1.800.322.9292.

Q. What should I do if I need additional services and who do I contact?

A. Should you need additional services, please notify your caregiver as well as the Care For People office. Care For People will assist you in making the necessary agency referrals.. Call 814.800.9292.

Q. If I have to go into the hospital or rehabilitation will I be able to work with my same caregiver when I return home?

A. Yes, so long as Medical are is not required, Care For People makes every effort to keep them together when the consumer returns home and only companion care is required.

Q. How can Care For People help me stay in my own home?

A. As long as a consumer does not need medical care, Care For People caregivers can provide needed support that will help people maintain their dignity and remain in their home.

Q. How do I apply to receive Care For People Service?

A. 1.800.322.9292 or

Q. How can I become a Care For People Caregiver?

Visit and click on the Work As A Caregiver tab.
Please print application, complete and submit to:
Care For People
121 N. Allegheny Street
Bellefonte, PA 16823.
Or Fax to: 888.416.6746

Q. What Clearances are required to become a Care For People Caregiver?

  • The following clearances are required for Care For People Caregivers:
  • State Police Background Check
  • FBI Report
  • Cogent Systems PA Department of Public Welfare (Non-PA Residents in place of PA CBC)

In addition, a two-step TB & Chest X-Ray are required, and the completion of a Careivers exam. PA Child Abuse Clearance 2015

Q. What is Care For People’s history providing Companion Care?

Care For People has had 29 years experience in providing quality non-medical care to older adults in their homes.